Desperate Hell! Cincinnati DIY goth nite! January 28th!

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Desperate Hell! Cincinnati DIY goth nite! January 28th!

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from the sinister cretinz that bring you 'Dark Ceremony'...
DESPERATE HELL!!! a Cincinnati D.I.Y. goth nite
Saturday 28 January 2012

@ The Rake's End 2141 Central Ave.
(Count Fred's new bar in Brighton!)

oldskool INDUSTRIAL!

featuring your most dreaded Death Jockeys...
DJ INHUMAN (like gizmo fed after midnite)
DJ SKREWTAPES (of Common Monster Down)
DJ CARMILLA (of Pink Fink)

vile videos by...
ART DUNGEON (estranged subhuman cousin of Art Damage)
VJ WILY (straight outta the Twilight Zone)

+ fog. Ample fog.

21+ (sorry, we will do more All Ages BYOB parties elsewhere still!)
FREE (buy drinks, support this new venue!)

This is not raver Crow in the Matrix. Fortunately there is another club for that downtown! This is for the other side of goth: Punx that were buried alive or off'ed their own bad selves and are now busting out the cemetery to party like it's Halloween at any given time! So bite the fucking bullet and rock your black clothing, unreasonable makeup, imagery and accessories of creatures of the night, and general creepiness! Don't make us sacrifice you to the ghost of Bela Lugosi! What? You didn't hear? BELA LUGOSI IS DEAD!

tear-draining artwerk by Robert Inhuman, download it HERE

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