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† BL▲CK M▲SS † is an avant-garde dance party bringing you the best in cvltstep, horrortech, brokenclash, grave wave, cold rave, and demonic disco.
Featuring guest performances by newbreed artists from the dark spectrum of music.
We invite you to enjoy a refreshing glass of absinthe and an evening of cold, dark, haunting and abrasive music.


▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲ 1am † ∆AIMON ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
San Diego//Tundra Dubs//Pale Noir//Phantasma Disques
Industrial//Witch House//Doomstep
A male/female duo from Southern California; ΔAIMON defy their sunny locale in exchange for beautiful, grim and sometimes harsh occult soundscapes; with compositions
built on anxiety and paranoia giving way to a heightened feverish sexuality and erotic ritualism.
Coming from an extremely wide set of influences, their music is its own unique blend of slow and menacing conjurations.
Generally connected with the ‘drag‘ and ‘witchhouse‘ genres, ΔAIMON uses unconventional sound-design and tension within often pop oriented song structures to instill unnerving sensations.

▲▲▲ 12a † PRETEEN PORNSTAR ▲▲▲
San Diego//Self Released
Newbreed//Witch House//Experimental Electronic
Preteen Pornstar is an art group that started in 2002 when a group of people who enjoyed analog synthesizers and synthesized analgesics felt the very human need to become a collective entity and choose a name.
Over the next 4 years the project solidified through live shows in South and North California into a core group of permanent members with more or less steady roles, and a cloud of 40 or so occasional collaborators. Preteen has performed at clubs, art galleries, hotels, and an orgy. Shows vary between 15 minutes with one performer, and 10 hours with over 50.
Since 2002, the project has put out 5 'normal' full length albums, as well as a scattering of other releases including remixes, s3m kits, found audio tapes, and an illustrated children's book.
The only consistent threads are that any Preteen work must feature at least one of the core members, and must be available for free online. All releases of the project are available on either direct download or through bit torrent.
While Preteen has generally left the themes of their work open to interpretation by others, we do want to make one point clear: absolutely none of it is done for shock value. The pieces that can be misinterpreted as such in reality only take something we view as normal or at least acceptable, remove its mitigating context, and show it back to us.

▲▲▲▲▲▲ 11p † ÐÆMØИ ИɪĦɪⱠ ▲▲▲▲▲▲
Lansing//BMS//Owlcave Records//Nom Nom Tunez
Darkwave//Industrial//Witch House
ÐÆMØИ ИɪĦɪⱠ has been operating clandestinely in Michigan for over 10 years. Founder and archfiend of OWLCAVE RECORDS and † BL▲CK M▲SS † events, ÐÆMØИ ИɪĦɪⱠ has also recorded and performed live with Michigan industrial legends †Σ†ΔИVϟ, experimental dark ambient outfit LE CHEMIN NOIR, and harsh noise collective RUE D'AUSEIL. ÐÆMØИ ИɪĦɪⱠ is always at the razor's edge of dark electronic, bringing the newest and most underground dark spectrum music to the dance floor. Blending electro-industrial, darkwave, EBM, techno, and witch house into a dense, kaleidoscopic, and sinister sound.

▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲ 10pm † ☥CRACKULA☥ ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
Lansing//Owlcave Records//Nom Nom Tunez//Placenta Records
Slime Punk//Drag//Fog Music///Screwgaze//Witch House
☥CRACKULA☥ has been called Lansing's most prominent active producer. ☥CRACKULA☥ has been creating a buzz lately, showing up as live support for a number of iconic performers such NATURAL SLAVE aka JOHN HOLLAND of S4LEM, LE SPHINXX/////, and TEXTBEAK. ☥CRACKULA☥ has been working closely with several producers and NVR MND to define the newly developed SLIME PUNK movement. His sets feature remixes and original material of slowed, chopped and screwgazed slime tracks. Prepare for an hour of induced synæsthesia when ☥CRACKULA☥ takes the decks!

▲▲▲▲▲ 9p † JAYSEN CRAVES ▲▲▲▲▲▲
Detroit//BMS//Terror Network//Owlcave Records
Known throughout Detroit as the frontman of Owlcave Records band Terror Network, Jaysen Craves has held a residency at BL▲CK M▲SS since its inception. His hard hitting sets incorporate aggrotech, harsh EBM, old school industrial, goth, and even punk. Jaysen Craves promises to keep the crowd sweating with a relentless cybernetic barrage of aggressive and futuristic dark spectrum music, guaranteed to drill into your cortex with powerful, driving beats and gritty, atmospheric synths.

► $7 @ DOOR
For presale ticket information, please call (517)420-5940 or e-mail musikistmacht@gmail.com with "Presales" in the subject line.
Alternatively, you may wish to purchase them from us directly at any † BL▲CK M▲SS † SUND▲Y event before the show.


MAC's Bar has pushed the envelope in providing a venue for live local music and visiting indie bands.
The close, intimate environment and excellent sound system have long been a feature of the music scene in Lansing.
Bar none, it is THE PLACE to go for local music.

• Full bar and the best bartenders in Lansing
• $7 Lucid Absinthe Supérieure (21+)
• Free parking lot
• Smoking Patio
• Large dancefloor, lights, strobes, fog
• Projection videos by τλρεωοιφ
• Featuring animation by Ceremonial † Dagger



† BL▲CK ♦ M▲SS † events are a celebration of the dark styles of music and expression and we intend our parties to reflect this. Please attend in appropriately dystopic attire or at least wear black.
AT THE DISCRETION of the † BL▲CK ♦ M▲SS † door staff we
reserve the right charge $10 or deny entry for those that do not comply with dress code.

Cameras and recording equipment are not permitted without a press pass pre-approved by the owner of Mac's Bar and the † BL▲CK ♦ M▲SS † staff.
If you would like to obtain a press pass please contact
musikistmacht@gmail.com for more information.

All † BL▲CK ♦ M▲SS † events are anti-racist, and LGBTQIA
friendly. We hope to create a safe environment for people of all color, sexes, and persuasions.

BOOKING: musikistmacht@gmail.com

News and Updates: http://owlcaverecords.tumblr.com/

Recordings available at: http://owlcave.bandcamp.com/

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