Effect Plug-ins (Distortion and reverb in particular)

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Effect Plug-ins (Distortion and reverb in particular)

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So what plug-ins are you guys using? All I have is Ohmicide and the stock FL fruity fast distortion and I haven't been able to recreate the lo-fi blownout sound a lot of artists use with those. It sounds as if it were recorded with the sound source way too close to the mic or almost like someone screaming into a megaphone? First example that comes to mind is crystal castles baptism they use this kind of distortion on Alice's voice in a lot of their tracks though http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vStjmYxetY0 It's by no means a new or unique sound to witch house I've heard it used in a lot music for a while now but I've noticed a lot of these witch house producers are sluts for it. Also I'm curious what plug-ins you guys are using for reverb? The stock FL reverb is getting old I'd like to try something new and something capable of just absurd amounts of reverb preferably with a good selection of presets. I really wish I could get my hands on echoeboy but I can't find a torrent anywhere. A discussion about effect plug-ins in general would be cool too though.

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Re: Effect Plug-ins (Distortion and reverb in particular)

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It's fuzz distortion.

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Re: Effect Plug-ins (Distortion and reverb in particular)

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Ohmforce products are great - especially Ohmicide. But try stretching your loop or drums, drop the octave and try doubling the sound by adding a duplicate drum layer with reverb or at a different lower octave. This gives it depth. A problem I hear with witch house is that some of it sounds too clean. It sounds better with a crunched low do quality. Also try bit reduction techniques, starting the loop at different places, etc.

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Re: Effect Plug-ins (Distortion and reverb in particular)

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for the voice, it sounds like she WAS screaming and the distortion was added after. it also sounds like a slap-back delay on there rather than reverb, the mix is quite thick so I couldn't make it out totally.

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