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Post by ᗐı†çħ۞†ŗıḃę » Mon Aug 13, 2012 11:22 am

hey all, just started producing witch house recently...failing miserably at it as well...
i'm predominantly a trance producer, so when i attempt which house, i generally end up making it sound much too "light" and dancy. :oops: i was wondering if anyone had any tips to make a slower, darker sound. wondering mainly about what scales to use, how to program a good beat (like i said, i'm used to making trance, so this is a completely new thing to me), etc
i've already started work on a track called Ņ☼ǩ†ůŗň∆ᴌ, which i'm happy with so far, but i'm worried this might just be a stroke of luck, and afterwards i'll be back to producing cheery melodic dance songs again... :?
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Re: tips?

Post by Emotive Cloak » Mon Aug 13, 2012 12:41 pm

I think it goes without saying that the tempo will want to be down, anywhere around 90-120bpm (unless you're working in half time). Beats are typically more inline with hip hop, although i think that's a sort of cliche but if you're interested look up about trap beats and dirty south style beats (adding in triplets and all sorts of subdivisions etc).

With the actual synths its personal preference, but key things to note are deep filtering and processing (low swirly flanging, phasing, deep chorus, reverb etc). You'll basically want to have tons of movement in your sounds. Oh and offbeat samples like slowed down speech from movies or other sources. Look at Darkwave,Electro,EBM,Drum And Bass or any other electronic genres and just pick what you like best from them and throw it together basically.

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Re: tips?

Post by SOVLS » Thu Aug 16, 2012 5:45 am

use dnb bass synths with lots of reverb for low end sounds, trance pluck synths for higher sounds and distorted 808's for drums, that will give you a pretty good place to start at

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