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Any hardware synth geeks on here? DIY? analogue?

Posted: Sat Mar 22, 2014 6:00 am
by ℜ⊙† ℳ
I know I'm not quite witch house, but i reference the same stuff

these are not really full on songs but they are both hand built patches (FVCK presets ), and played live one take, no plotting out on a DAW

first one is really not much just one part but the sound I'm getting out of this thing here is pretty rad

made live with an sh32


now this one is a little more developed, the KARMA arpegiator is a crazy complex live chaos generator thing, anyone into programming those things out, i'd love to trade tips,,, the thing is a monster,,, again this is all played live one take and the patches are all pretty much built from the ground up

made live with a korg karma


anyone have some gear pics i can drool over I'd love to see them

thanks for playing