Looking for FEMALE VOCALISTS for help!

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Looking for FEMALE VOCALISTS for help!

Post by ✝GRØΔN✝ » Wed Mar 26, 2014 1:49 am


I've been working on a new track that sounds like a mix between some Crim3s, White Ring, and that track 'Under Your Spell' from the movie "Drive" and I can hear in my mind exactly what I want these vocals to sound like, however in my mind a girl is singing the vocals over my track and I am not a girl so of course I'm having troubles.

I was wondering if anybody on the forums would be willing to listen to the unfinished track (with my vocals in it) and take a stab at doing the vocals for me and then sending me the recording via email or google drive or whatever. You'll of course get credit when I put out the track if you help.

Just send me an email at dcornejo53@gmail.com if you're interested. :D

Here's a youtube link to the track 'Under Your Spell' so you can hear the type of vocals I would like in the track (or something similar).
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