(2008 Feb 4) Blog Gorilla vs Bear posts about SALEM for the first time

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(2008 Feb 4) Blog Gorilla vs Bear posts about SALEM for the first time

Post by zin » Wed Jan 22, 2020 2:40 pm

Archive.org link: https://web.archive.org/web/20100101045 ... radio.html


GvsB blog radio airs today at noon EST (and again at midnight) on Sirius Left of Center. We've got a bunch of good new stuff this week, including these two tracks by Salem, a band I've been listening to quite a bit since finding them over at 20 Jazz Funk Greats. "Sweat" is a dark, haunted jam that'll appeal to those waiting for new material from the Knife, and "Brustreet" is a stunning and surprisingly affecting re-imagining of Bruce Springsteen's "Streets of Philadelphia" (it's better than it sounds, trust me). Band to watch, etc.

Salem Sweat
Salem Brustreet

View this week's gorilla vs. bear Sirius Blog Radio playlist, along with a few various mp3s, after the jump. You can listen online with a free trial here. Download more Salem at their myspace.

1. Santogold--You'll Find a Way
2. the Walkmen--Little House of Savages
3. White Denim--Paint Silver Gold
4. Panda Bear--Take Pills
5. The Zombies--Hung Up On a Dream
6. El Perro Del Mar--How Did We Forget
7. Chromatics--Hands in the Dark (mp3)
8. Salem--Brustreet
9. The Knife--Neon
10. Ghosthustler--Only Me to Trust (mp3)
11. Crystal Castles vs. Health--Crimewave
12. Salem--Sweat
13. White Hinterland--Dreaming of the Plum Trees (mp3)
14. Fiery Furnaces--Duplexes of the Dead
15. Burial--Archangel
16. Cut Copy--Lights & Music
17. Sebastien Tellier--Kilometer
18. Gnarls Barkley--Run
19. Deltron--Positive Contact
20. A Tribe Called Quest--Clap Your Hands
21. Dizzee Rascal--Pussyole
22. Wale--Smile (remix)
23. Cadence Weapon--In Search of the Youth Crew (mp3)
24. the Cool Kids--Black Mags
25. Beach House--D.A.R.L.I.N.G.
26. Cass McCombs--Windfall
27. Devotchka--How It Ends
The post is no longer available on their current website: https://www.gorillavsbear.net/ however there are still plenty of SALEM-related posts: https://www.gorillavsbear.net/tags/salem/

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