Ev3nmorn - Solar Waves (2012)

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Ev3nmorn - Solar Waves (2012)

Post by zin »



Just bought it, been a fan of Ev3nmorn for a while, can't wait to sit down and properly check his debut album...

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Re: Ev3nmorn - Solar Waves (2012)

Post by iamthesunset »

I got it from oddot.org a little while ago. I love it, nice and chilled but with that sinister mood lingering within certain parts.

Will definitely check out his other stuff.

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Re: Ev3nmorn - Solar Waves (2012)

Post by Mcll »

Oh wow! I love "Surf Solar". Good stuff.

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Re: Ev3nmorn - Solar Waves (2012)

Post by skvllparty »

i've been reppin this since before it was up on oddot it used to be a self released called "until the sun" then Ev3nmornn add occult katja and oddot released it. ODDOT rules so does Ev3nmorn. they've released some new songs too. they're awesome:http://soundcloud.com/ev3nmorn follow and support.

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