This forum?

General discussion, news, info, new releases etc.
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This forum?

Post by reverb! »

Why is it dead? Wht happened to the ppl

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Re: This forum?

Post by frequencymonsters »

i think a lot of the action/discussions are happening through soundcloud/bandcamp/tumblr - to name just my big resources.

I joined a little late and have seen relevant updates here and there but i know, reverb!, its not buzzing like the bodybuilding forums.

Anton Maiof
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Re: This forum?

Post by Anton Maiof »

we're still here - it just ebbs and flows. plus all the drama seems to be on facebreak, which I think killed forums a little.

I like them, forums are like weird pubs.

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Re: This forum?

Post by iamthesunset »

Anton Maiof wrote:I like them, forums are like weird pubs.
Hahaha. Perfect description. I agree.

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