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Looking to trade tapes

Post by eddiethreat » Fri Feb 22, 2013 11:42 pm


i am looking to do some tape trading with other bands. my project Mickle Blvd recently released our first EP entitled " She's Dead" and in the good ol punk rawk trading spirit of my early days i want to trade with people. it will help with getting my stuff out, getting your stuff out, and just all in all in hearing new music.

we can do single trades 1 tape for 1 tape, or multiples ( 4 tapes for 4 tapes, etc ).

my band plays darkwave, goth, witch house, and electronic shows live and when we do we usually end up selling a few tapes at each show, and anybody that trades a few tapes with me i will add their tapes to my merch table at shows, and get their music out too ( and hopefully they will do the same with me ).

my email address is mickleblvd at gmail dot com.

i hope to hear from some people, i think this could be really fun.


also feel free to comment here and not just email me, that way other people will feel okay to participate as well, and we can build a community.

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