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unsoundbwoy - "GrindthievesDotCom PodcastV2003"

Posted: Mon Nov 22, 2010 3:12 pm
As the skies darken and the temperature drops every April here in Australia we receive a flurry of summer mixes from happy go lucky djs in the northern hemisphere, bubbling with good vibes that catch the moment where the sun breaks through the drudgery of months past and set the scene for the fun to be had on long nights in sweaty clubs and in the fields surrounded by speaker stacks.

I always enjoying listening to these mixes as they remind me that even if the weather is shit here, its summer somewhere, and it will be again.

In this spirit I recorded the November podcast. For me personally it’s all about kicking back and getting ready to go out while its still light, but for those of you about to hit the snow and warm jackets the mix is intended to remind you the sun isn’t far away and soon there will be smiles, swimming and lots of skin.

The mix spans quite a few genres, most of the tracks don’t really fit genre types particularly well individually, but a commonality in their influences can be heard. There’s quite a few new tracks of my own and a bunch of my favourite producers thrown in.

Hope you enjoy the selection and look out for a load more posts now I’m back on the grind(thieves)!

- unsoundbwoy
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Re: unsoundbwoy - "GrindthievesDotCom PodcastV2003"

Posted: Wed Nov 24, 2010 10:08 pm
moved to a new server, hit this link for the podcast and check the new site out!