D/L: M. KOURIE "The Dreams of..."

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D/L: M. KOURIE "The Dreams of..."

Post by chromepeelerrec » Wed Mar 05, 2014 12:01 pm

Chrome Peeler Rec. is proud to announce the digital reissue of the long-out-of-print M. KOURIE "The Dreams of..." originally released in 2006. It is now available as a pay-as-you-want download @ http://chromepeelerrecords.bandcamp.com/

Crucial Blast review:
M. Kourie is the solo project of Nathan Berlinguette, who fans of techy, avant-garde metalcore will remember as the bass player for Creation Is Crucifixion; after Creation Is Crucifixion ceased operations, Nathan moved on to construct dark dronescapes with Cattle Decapitation's Travis Ryan in the group 5/5/2000, and after that project ended, formed M. Kourie as a further extension of his explorations in ambient sound collage and dark, heavy drones. On Dreams Of M. Kourie he's joined by Tim Green (Fucking Champs), Tomo and Ryan Unks (Creation Is Crucifixion, Circadia), and the primary sources of M. Kourie's sound are guitar and sampler; interestingly, it appears that something like one hundred different black metal samples as source material for the music on this album, although you would never know it from the final product. The seven tracks on this disc are filled with softly rumbling subterranean winds and waterfalls of microscopic crystals, massive cosmic ohm vibrations and waves of pitch-black drift bristling with electricty. Melodies are blurred and buried, swept up in swells of feedback and rhythmic glitches and melted Loveless-esque warbles, then drowned again in an ocean of eternal void. A supremely evocative dark drone album as powerful as anything from Troum or Aidan Baker.

DEATHPILE "Final Confession" DBL LP w/ download
HOLY SONS "Lost Decade II" LP w/ download

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