Nielu by Utu Lautturi on Pale Noir

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Nielu by Utu Lautturi on Pale Noir

Post by PaleN » Tue Feb 03, 2015 11:54 pm

Nielu is a meticulously crafted nine-piece journey through various sonic landscapes ranging from abysmal depths to gleaming peaks. Textural ambience, drones, manipulated field recordings and noise elements are supported by traditional instruments like violin, piano, organs and guitar. Vocals (in Finnish) are sparse but play an important guiding role in some of the main conjunctions of the album. Each track has a distinct story and are all quite different from each other, yet form essential parts of a whole. Diamond and dirt, ice and fire, stone and water all merge to conjure an extremely visual experience. The album is mastered for all kinds of speakers but is definitely best experienced with headphones in an introspective setting.

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