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Re: Rate the Movie

Post by WIK/\N »

CynusAlisa wrote:Hey Friends,
I have watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 movie at last night. I really like this movie so much & it is an interesting movie. Adventure, family, Fantasy, Mystery all of this you can see in this movie. So Rate this movie according to you Guys. If you have seen any other new released movie than also rate that movie.
I liked the bit with the wizard 6/10
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Re: Rate the Movie

Post by dona »

But I like this movie a lot, and I will surely give this 9/10 great 3D effects that movie have with it, love to watch that one.

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Re: Rate the Movie

Post by K_Dub »

I would give 8/10 of the ratings to this movie. The wizard were good but the Fantasy, Mystery was lacking.
Reply Guys This is good......

Anton Maiof
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Re: Rate the Movie

Post by Anton Maiof »

I give your post 9/10
I learned a lot from it and now I think I will go and do great things from this moment.
thank you internet.

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Re: Rate the Movie

Post by iamthesunset »

I like the thread it's 8/10
Monsters and the film abides with wizardry and wands and you want to see it.
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Re: Rate the Movie

Post by rosejamin »

I like Harry potter movie .Rate of the movie 8/10....
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Re: Rate the Movie

Post by BernardII »

I have watched the part 1 and part 2 of Deathly Hallows.
I am going to rate part 2 .......8/10.
I am qite confused about the imdb ranking ....

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Re: Rate the Movie

Post by spearss91 »

Harry potter DH part 2 very interesting movie full of Adventure, family, Fantasy and Mystery. I will give this movie 8/10... :D
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Re: Rate the Movie

Post by √ƸΩﬣ »

i like the internet 10/10

DH2.0 gets 2/5

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Re: Rate the Movie

Post by kareldsouza »

I like the movie Deathly Hallows: Part 2. I have seen this movie last night. Rate of the movie 9/10. I am a big fan of movies.......

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Re: Rate the Movie

Post by breezyfresh »

I thought the books were pretty chill, for fantasy novels, but I haven't seen the films.

So, er, -/10

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Re: Rate the Movie

Post by Jacobee »

i would like to rate it 8/10. For the most part, the final movie delivers the combination of emotional intensity and rousing battle sequences befitting the end of a phenomenon that evolved from an unexpectedly popular children's book series to an era unto itself.
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Re: Rate the Movie

Post by JaceyCarter »

My all friends have seen its all parts and they said all parts are awesome but i haven't watched even a single movie. Because i think these movies are too boring and they are such a wastage of time.

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Re: Rate the Movie

Post by Adrien »

"Harry Potter And The Deathly Hollows - Part 2" is not just a glorious finale to a film series as beloved as the "Harry Potter" saga but one of the best films of 2011! Gripping, emotional, action-packed & heartfelt from start to finish!

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Re: Rate the Movie

Post by hauimon »

I like The Avengers,Rate it 9/10

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