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Music Video Production

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Hi, I was hoping to get some questions answered about witch house? I'm part of a production company (but really we're just a small group of independent artists) and we recently came upon the opportunity to write, produce, and shoot a music video for a witch house group. We will not be making any profit out of it, nor will we be asking the musicians for any money, not a penny! We love their music, and it inspired us, and that's enough. I don't want to drop a name in case it doesn't work out with them, because things are not set in stone yet, but we still are going to shoot our ideas, and we want some authenticity. We have the skeletons of our story now, and we know what kind of look we want, but we still need to gather some research about the vibe of the witch house scene. My team and I are in love with these musicians, but we're new to the scene and music, and we rarely ever go to parties or things like that unless it's for business reasons. I've got some general knowledge, but like I said, I'm new to it, and I want our video to have as much accuracy as possible

So if anyone can fill in my blanks about witch house, I would sooo thankful!

1) What generally happens at a witch house show/party/rave?
2) What kind of fashion is seen? (I'm aware of the triangles, crosses, and other occult symbols, but I guess I just want confirmation)
3) How does witch house make you feel? What kind of imagery does is make you think of?

Any insight you can offer or links will be more helpful than you can imagine!

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Re: Music Video Production

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i'm not sure if your still looking for answers,, but i'm still happy to help.

1. what happens at a witch house show?
i have never been, but i have a good idea of what happens. loads of different clashes of scenery, using occult themes and loads or concepts and colors/imagery. let's say it's like a dark mythological rave. but that's just one interpretation of it.

2.what kind of fashion is seen?
lots of purples, blues, reds, definitely some of the stuff you added like crosses, triangles, also circles, different creatures of the night, foresty themes. and dark + pastels.

3.How does witch house make you feel? What kind of imagery does is make you think of?

minotaurs drinking tea, white shadows, black kittens, white leather. forests, different creatures... i feel like a mythological creature myself.
you should probably listen to your clients work, study them specifically. see what their imagery use is like.

hope this helps and i'm not too late.
my music is like a gothic forest rave, with minotaur lords sipping tea, sirens making out with satyrs and dryads ridding fauns that play with knives and fire.

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