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Re: Introduce yourself

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I'm Treebeard, I'm 19 and I live on the left coast of the United States. Terence McKenna and Bill Hicks are personal heroes of mine. I read Bukowski a lot, I like music of all kinds [particularly electronic dance music of all kinds excepting vocal/uplifting trance/house, hip-hop, folk music, drone, classic rock, various styles clumped together as indie, and spiritual music from other cultures like the icaros of south america, sufi music, chants of various kinds, and simple drum music.] I recently received a KORG Kaossilator Pro as a gift for the holidays and I've only been able to record small loops onto my laptop so far because I lack any software to actually sequence them, other than that, I'm not very inclined to music production though I'd like to learn more about it. I discovered Witch House last year when a blog I follow posted the GR†LLGR†LL CDR from Disaro. I was hooked immediately and periodically made attempts to find more concrete definitions of the genre or at least some other examples. I was satisfied with's selection until I had gotten through everything on there, then I did some googling and ended up here. Sup guys?

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Re: Introduce yourself

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∆CΩLD†R∑N∆ here. Nest in Phila. PA. Hatched in the heart of Middle Earth- Leics.Eng.
I blog here:
my sound cloud is here:

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Re: Introduce yourself

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My name is Razvan and I'm an alcoholic(!)
No matter how silly I find these threads I wind up posting in them.
Well that being said, Ottawa kid here, mostly interested in whatever events might be going on.

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Re: Introduce yourself

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I'm Stijn
23 years
Ghent, Belgium

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Re: Introduce yourself

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my name is adam, i am 19 and live/go to school in Salem MA. i dont play anything, just listen to shit. its not that impressive just pictures and stuff

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Re: Introduce yourself

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my name is puxel.

///▲▲▲\\\ popped my cherry.

long sentences scare me.
download blog (sort of dead):
i'll be posting noise here:

I only buy music on vinyl. I steal everything else from, or donate via bandcamp.


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Re: Introduce yourself

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I have been stalking on your forum to not register.
So, Marzip☭n!, 28, French, living in Glasgow.
And like 80% of this forum I make some music (here:, kind of witch house-ish/industrial/lo-fi noise thing. Nothing really serious, mostly me messing around with GarageBand and Audacity.

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Re: Introduce yourself

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Giacomo, 32, 1/2 of ▲NGU▲NE, I'm from Italy, near Venice.

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Re: Introduce yourself

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Miguel, 20y, portuguese.

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Re: Introduce yourself

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what up
BC, 25, fl

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Re: Introduce yourself

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I'm 19 and attending school in PA


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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by viv »

Hi, obsessed with the Witch House aesthetic, just joined to find more gems and learn a little, pipe dreams of producing my own stuff one day.
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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by omanav »

Vanamo, a girl
19 years, from Helsinki Finland
I'm going to hitchhike around Europe this summer, maybe we will meet, maybe not. The next year I'll try to make it US.
& I'd love to tell you more...
my little pony ☥ ✞ ╋╋ ʘ

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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by zin »

omanav wrote:I'm going to hitchhike around Europe this summer
UK as well ?

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