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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by FURTHER »

Babaluma23 wrote:Am I the oldest git on this forum?

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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by WHLND »

I'm Adam
From the north of England
Currently living in London - 5 years and counting

Witch House has captured my imagination like no other recent new music

So much so I'd like to start a club night in London - you're all invited!

Zin thanks for starting the forum
It has helped to expand my understanding and appreciation of WH
▼▼ ✝✝ LND

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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by Babaluma23 »

FURTHER wrote:
Babaluma23 wrote:Am I the oldest git on this forum?
Glad to hear it!


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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by M▲gician »

So.. my name's Aeron, I live in South London.
I wouldn't be surprised if I was one of the younger ones here, I'm 16, just finished my GCSE's.

I'm an aspiring musician, I've been in various projects for the past 5 years and regardless of genre I tend to have taken enjoyment in what I do. I've known about Witch House for a while but never really got into it, found a bit of identification with it today, and well.. here I am.

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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by Nova Sol »

i'm gryphœmia, ov nova sol (among other projects). hadn't heard ov witch house until koe started goïng on about it on facebook. i like most ov what i've heard thus far.

my own musick (as nova sol, anyway) is loop-based ambient with a lot ov slowed/reverbed samples, so there is a certain amount ov similarity. when i'm not making musick (or working), i'm listening to it, usually while reading, playing atari 2600 games or super mario world hacks, or haunting message boards when i should be in bed.

age seems to be a thing right now, so i should probably mention that i'm 26. oh, and i live in jacksonville, FL in the US.

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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by L<il< »

Hey name's Layla
Italian resident my life,
back in Finland now studying graphic design.

Been into the trad goth sub and aesthetics for some time also electronic music, dubstep, found witch house through a compilation cd called †ri△nglΞs and figured this genre seriously combines some of my favourite musical elements.

Nice to meet you all

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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by Zyprexa Effect »

Jeff Carillon 18 USA North Carolina.... Originally from Virginia. Dirty south bud.

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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by Skelp »

Awrite folks 8-)

I'm Skelp, I'm a (sometime) DJ from Glasgow, Scotland. I've been mixing all sorts of dance music for the last 15 years or so, was introduced to witchhouse through some tracks being played on BBC 6music (long live the BBC!) - I'm looking to try and put together some mixes of witchhouse so thought this would be a good place to get some tips on producers to look out for - and also to hang out with fellow music lovers :)
Silence is never neutral
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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by anora »

Hi !

I'm newbie here. Happy to be members of the forum.
I hope we will have great time here. and I'll try to contribute to forum develop more.
I'm positively looking forward to the forum and its members, hope all will guide, share and help me to increase my knowledge. Nice to meet you..

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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by D.Miranda »

Daniel, 30, and - this is somewhat weird - also from Rimouski, Qc...

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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by BackAlleyLurker »

yeah somewhat weird. But glad to see I'm not the only one there who keeps up with witch-house !

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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by Crayon_Eyes »

Hey, I'm Crayon_Eyes. I'm an art student from the UK.

Got wind of this place from, which is where I found out about Witch House. Been lurkin' a while and figured I'd join up at last!

So yeah, hi guys.

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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by he∆rtworms »

i'm meagan. i'm eighteen. i live in oklahoma. i'm a musical nomad.
i wander around finding new genres, exploring them thoroughly and finding out the innards of them until satisfied.
the first song i heard that led me on an adventure to find more was "IxC999" by white ring.

i am rather fond of ∆AIMON's "amen" EP, and GuMMy†Be▲R!'s "oakland."

you probably won't see me around much. i'm the notable queen of awkward conversation.

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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by almostmagnetic »

Denver Colorado.
Complete and utter audiophile.
Tattoo enthusiast.
Urban exploration.
All around Deviant.
I dj for hobby, and dabble in production from time to time.
I like weird shit.

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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by jtron »

Jesse, 34, Chicago. I've been slowing down music for a little while now; a friend told me there was such a thing as "drag" music which led me to download a bunch of witch house, chillwave, newbreed, and other genres I'm not clear on the distinctions between. Now I'm trying to "step up my game" music-wise. Anyhow, I DJ no-wave/mutant disco at a goth bar, and do video stuff...

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