amateur video production and cinematography?

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Re: amateur video production and cinematography?

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I only make music, but I work with a filmaker and he produces our videos. We're new but I feel as though we're heading in the right direction. I'll try to get him on here so you guys can talk shop.

Here's one of our first videos

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Re: amateur video production and cinematography?

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I'm a filmmaker myself.. I own an old Sony Hi8 PAL (25p) camcorder that I use exclusively in black and white (here's an old film I did with it, kinda WH relevant I guess:, and a Canon 60D.. Which I really love.

Personally, I think it's up to you for what style you're going for, take your medium and make it do what you want it to do. I've gotten really classic, ugly (in a good way) looking stuff from my 60D and pretty decent quality contemporary stuff from my Hi8 - and everything in between. It's the artist that makes the project, the more you worry about gear the less you'll get done.

If you really wanted to go old school though, you should get an old 8mm camera and hand-develop the film yourself in your back yard in big blue plastic barrels, then scratch the shit out of the negatives with a nail.

Just my two cents.

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Re: amateur video production and cinematography?

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I've worked as an amateur videographer and editor for Indian wedding videos, to the point where I'm pretty familiar with Final Cut (at least before it turned to shit with Final Cut X). However, I don't own the HD cameras I used anymore; the customers got too demanding regarding last-minute changes and I stopped. If anyone needs assistance or advice, I'd be happy to offer some up.

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