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Gear Fetish

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I am a gear fetishist, i will openly admit. I also love digital stuff, which i think is quite weird in this retro futurist era. Thought i would list my favorite weapons.
  • Boss SP-202 (have been thinking of getting a Roland vp-9000 as i mainly use this for monging samples with the timestretch function)
    Boss DD-20
    Boss HF-2
    Casio VL-1
    Casio SK-1
    Korg DS-10 (yeah, its a video game but its nice as a simple drum synth or for sampling)
    M-Audio Venom
    Soundmaster SR-88
    Yamaha DX-27 (underrated IMO, but don't pay more than about £70 for one)
What are your favorite pieces of gear?.

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Re: Gear Fetish


my main piece has been my AKAI MPC-2000 since I got it in 1999.

but I also use:
Roland SH-101
Ensoniq EPS-16plus
CasioTone 101
Yamaha PSS 170
Boss SP-202
Roland SP-808
etc, etc, etc....

and then of course...

Game Boy + nanoop 1.3 and/or Trippy-H
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