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Best of 2020 by:  †▼††† 

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Best of 2020 by:  ∆AIMON 

As the year 2020 went on and on, I will admit that I found myself listening to less new music and just a shit-load of Killing Joke instead, but in the first half of the year, I enjoyed the following releases a great deal.

In alphabetical order:

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Best of 2020 by:  ▲NDRΛS 

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Best of 2020 by:  Antoni Maiovvi 

In no particular order:

Planned releases in 2021:

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Best of 2019 by:  Apollyon's Visage 




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Best of 2019 by:  Atilla The Hvn 

Top 10 Releases of 2019 (Albums or EP’s) - Atilla The Hvn:

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Best of 2020 by:  Clan Destine Records 


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Best of 2020 by:  CRAVE 

In no particular order:

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Best of 2020 by:  Cutworm 

Here's my favorite music from 2020, in no particular order:

My plans for 2021 are to release my new album Ouster in February and to follow it up with a remix album later in the year. I'm also working on some new music with my two bands Glacial Tomb and Saeva, if you're a fan of death metal and black metal.

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Best of 2020 by:  Dorothy Waste 

Top 3 albums:

Top 3 EPs:

Top 3 singles:

The rest is fav top 2020 jams without order:

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Best of 2020 by:  Edith Underground 

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Best of 2020 by:  Marta / EK4T3 Collective 

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Best of 2020 by:  FLESH 

I have a feeling it's getting harder for me every year 😃 but ive got a few that I can highly recommend:

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Best of 2020 by:  G.R. Zombie 

So much good stuff music wise in 2020 it was tough but here’s my picks:

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Best of 2020 by:  [lyn] 

2020 have been a really productive year, but also a climax in my music for all projects. It has been a hard year for most of us, with a lot of divisions. People guided by their impulsive emotions are pushing humanity at the edge of ignorance, we need to focus on rationality, and science, for decisions, and to put our emotions in creation, 2020 was the year artists pretended to be virologists and where politicians pretended to know something about art, both were a shame for our species, we need to focus on our future as a species, and stop looking at our mirrors or selfie sticks, we are nothing, nothing but members of the big machinery that is humanity, let's keep this in mind for the years to come.



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Best of 2020 by:  Mascara 

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Best of 2020 by:  Mater Suspiria Vision 

2020 a year that supported deeping into nostalgia to escape from everyday's insanity

Reissues and re-rotation of classics:

23 Mentionable records in no specific order: Best Pop song: Production parallel universe soundtrack:

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Best of 2020 by:  Minuit Machine 

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Best of 2020 by:  Monomorte 

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Best of 2020 by:  Morgve 

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Best of 2020 by:  Nattymati 

Top 10 Musical Moments that Helped Nattymari Get Through 2020

To say that 2020 was a weird year is an understatement. For me it was even weirder. I honestly didn't consume a tremendous amount of music. Instead I concentrated on my own, releasing 11 albums and eps over these long isolated months. I did, however, manage to get excited about enough music that I feel I can eke out a list of the top 10 sonic experiences that excited, inspiured and soothed me through this year of pandemonium. You'll notice a great deal of "hyperpop" on this. The spirit of the current post PC Music scene has greatly inspired me, and reminds me of the collaboration and comradery that was present in 2010-11 in the early Witch House scene. With any luck, we will be able to get some of that back in 2021. Although estranged, I still love and respect everyone I met a decade ago and will forever.

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Best of 2020 by:  Noire Antidote 

Favourite releases of 2020, not in any particular order.

As for 2020 we can all say it has been a turbulent year. But it also gave me the time to rethink and reinvent some things about myself and my music. 2021 will be the year of hopefully a new album release.

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Best of 2020 by:  PEAKi 

In alphabetical order:

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Best of 2020 by:  P L V G U E S 

Top 10 Witch House releases of 2020:

More favorites (Beyond Witch House):

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Best of 2020 by:  Re:Mission Entertainment 

In no particular order:

Other notable releases:

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Best of 2020 by:  Ritualz 

In alphabetical order:

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Best of 2020 by:  SAIN't 

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Best of 2020 by:  Satanic Hispanic 

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Best of 2020 by:  SeBlack 

This is a mix between albums and releases, but they all have something in common.

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Best of 2020 by:  ΣΕΘ (SET) 

2020.... well, that was one hell of a year. Experienced things I never thought I would in my lifetime. Aside from all the mental anguish and solitude, I managed to produce a full album, two compilations, one EP, a bunch of remixes, various online music festivals, design clothing/merch, ran a label and more. Grateful to you all for the love and support. A musician is nothing without the ears and hearts of others. I appreciate each and everyone that has allowed my music into their lives. Much love to all the labels and artists I've worked with over the years as well. So much more to come.....

Here's some of my favorite releases of 2020 in no particular order:

Honorable mentions:

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Best of 2020 by:  Shhadows 

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Best of 2020 by:  Sidewalks and Skeletons 

2020 started off quite well, the news of the virus was only just starting to become a concern, life carried on as normal. I played shows in Budapest, Hungary in February. And played ARCADIA festival in Russia in March which was amazing, visiting Moscow and Saint Petersburg was a dream come true. But as soon as I returned home the UK went into lockdown, where it basically remained for the rest of the year. So instead I decided to work on as much music as possible, and release at least 1 new track for every month of the year. Which I completed - 12 tracks in 12 months. [not counting remixes]

New S&S tracks of 2020:

In 2021 I want to continue being prolific, as well as release my new album "A Neverending Descent" which I have been working on for some time now. I also plan to return to Russia for ARCADIA 2. There will be tonnes of new things happening this year, new tracks, collabs, a new album, and as many shows as possible if the world conquers this virus.
Thanks to everyone for listening and sticking around. Much love.

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Best of 2020 by:  SKELETONKIDS 

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Best of 2020 by:  SKY (sorrowkillsyouth) 

For my 2k20 witch house round up, I’ve selected 13, mainly eastern European, bangers from my DJ sets, performed during Satans Summer parties I’ve organised last year. You can listen to two of the sets in full via Radio Kapitał:
SS2 (stream)
SS3 (stream)

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Best of 2020 by:  Slow Head 

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Best of 2020 by:  Cairn Elan from Suffer Ring 

In random order:

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Best of 2020 by:  Sunset Architects 

Sunset Architects is being laid to rest in a sense, and being reborn in a project whos new name will be announced soon. We wanted to mature our sound and grow more with the coming project. That new music will probably come out closer to spring and summer.

Best of 2020:

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Best of 2020 by:  Textbeak 

BLOODBEAK🩸 (aka TEXTBEAK) Top 30 Fave Releases ov 2020:

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Best of 2020 by:  The Present Moment 

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Best of 2020 by:  Vagina Vangi aka BOGUE 

For obvious reasons, this year I preferred more home-listening type of music and less club vibes. I guess I’ve spent almost the whole year listening & creating music at my new home studio isolated and safe. Took a while to make up this list because I didn’t think this year felt so long. Anyways, I desperately miss raves & gigs and hope they will be back before I get too old, haha. One thing I know for sure, there’s gonna be a new Vagina Vangi album this year and if it means something for you, you should definitely thank isolation.
So here’s my selection.

Most fav albums of 2020:

Track highlights:

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Best of 2020 by:  V▲LH▲LL 

Greetings from the cold north. 2020 was a horrible year for everyone and much have been said about it already in the end of the year roundups. Hopefully the end of this particular suffering is on the horizon now and we can get back to some version of normality again. We are working on our new album and planning for a 2021 release. We should be able to play a few shows after the summer as well, if the gods will it.

With that said, in no particular order, this is 10 of our favourite releases that helped us get through the insane year 2020:

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Best of 2020 by:  VASCHA 

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Best of 2020 by:  Voodoo Crystals 

Releases marked with a * were not released in 2020.

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Best of 2020 by:  witch hvnt 

Top 10 Witchhouse 2020:

Honorable Mentions:

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Best of 2020 by:  X-Mortal 

A look at the year 2020 in Witch House
We currently seem to have adapted well to the current pandemic well with streaming shows, not only were there several online festivals, but the number of bands and fans has grown. Despite what music writers in large publications seem to think, there is a growing audience for Witch House and a growing roster of artists. It seems the somewhat garish era of decay we live in is providing ready ears for the WH sound around the globe. The Witch House Producers Facebook group has over 800 members alone, and the largest of the Witch House groups there has over 13K. members. Witch House has not changed greatly in style, however some of the newer artists are incorporating more inspirations from vaporwave, hiphop, phonk and other musical forms.

These are songs that really grabbed me over this year:

You can stream all these tracks here

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Best of 2020 by:  209 Sins 

the worms in my ears

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Best of 2020 by:  3rd World Witch 

I'll be dropping 3 more e.p.s this year, before taking a short break to venture into film making and costume design for 2021. With plans to make 3 short films throughout 2021.

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Best of 2020 by: