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Best of 2021 by:  Rahel Preisser from Abstract Nympho 

These are the albums that I think I can listen to forever but helped my soul a lot in the past year because there was not much but music. From romantic, dreamy and exotic sounds over a perfect rock album to my love for abstract, weird but groovy noise.

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Best of 2021 by:  ▲NDRΛS 

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Best of 2021 by:  Antoni Maiovvi 

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Best of 2021 by:  A Place Both Wonderful And Strange 

a place both wonderful and strange fave albums of 2021:

Russ: Laura:

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Best of 2021 by:  BOGUE aka Haárps aka Vagina Vangi 

Most fav albums:

Track highlights:

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Best of 2021 by:  Churchterror 



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Best of 2021 by:  Clan Destine Records 

As always its hard to keep to track ov what actually came out in 2021, some ov my fave listens have been older stuff bought this year anyway here's some heavy shit for the home and dancefloor:

12"s for thee floor:

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Best of 2021 by:  CRAVE 

Top 9, no particular order:

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Best of 2021 by:  Cutworm 

Here's my top 10 favorite albums from 2021:

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Best of 2021 by:  Edith Underground 

in no particular order these albums were my top picks. it’s a mixed bag of current and past releases:

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Best of 2021 by:  Gravegonzo 

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Best of 2021 by:  G.R. Zombie 

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Best of 2021 by:  Humanfobia 

This is my top 10 of the best of 2021, not in order of relevance:

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Best of 2021 by:  I†† 

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Best of 2021 by:  Louisahhh 

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Best of 2021 by:  James of Male Tears 

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Best of 2021 by:  Mater Suspiria Vision 

Interesting picks and discoveries for 2021 (not all from 2021 but discovered in):

listening a lot during the edit of The House That Eats The Rabbit movie: Reissues of the year: Blasts from the past, (re-)discovered:

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Best of 2021 by:  Monomorte 

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Best of 2021 by:  Morgve 

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Best of 2021 by:  Mutant Zones 
Best of 2021 by:  Pharmacist 

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Best of 2021 by:  Pictureplane 

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Best of 2021 by:  P L V G U E S 

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Best of 2021 by:  Re:Mission Entertainment 

Top 10 (In no particular order)

Other releases that I recommend (In no particular order)

I’m sure there’s more. Lot’s of other great releases on the RE this year but I’m trying to promote other labels and artists more with this list.

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Best of 2021 by:  Ritualz 

in no particular order

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Best of 2021 by:  Rotten Wolf 

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Best of 2021 by:  SAIN't 

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Best of 2021 by:  ΣΕΘ (SET) 

ECR / SubGoth releases:

Personal Releases:

Wanted to thank everyone for their love and support over the years, also to all the artists who made this all possible. Big shout out to Re:Mission Entertainment, Untitled Burial, 2 Dark Productions, Red Dagger Productions, Communion After Dark, Obscura Undead, Frankie Morales Productions, MASS at RSC, Black Nail Cabaret, all the Twitch DJs, so many blogs I don't want to leave anyone out, my family, and as always, much love to Jake Lee for inspiring me to produce again and start this project.

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Best of 2021 by:  Shhadows 

I didn’t listen to a ton of 2021 releases but here are my top 7 2021 songs:

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Best of 2021 by:  SKELETONKIDS 

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Best of 2021 by:  SØLVE 

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Best of 2021 by:  Stay Healthy 


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Best of 2021 by:  Textbeak 


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Best of 2021 by:  The Dubwitch Horror 

For us at The Dubwitch Horror - as, assuredly it was with many of you - 2021 was a year of stagnancy, as the body of a life on-hold due to Covid began to turn putrid from being sat out in the sun too long. Of course there were the occasional brighter spots and darker hues, hopes of getting out before mutations and variations came knocking, but it was mostly the same grey sludge as most of the prior year. Luckily, music is always a salve and an irritant for the times. We enjoyed, found solace and kinship in the records below in increasingly disconnected and antisocial times. These are our favourite records, our peers, our influences - the beautiful, the vapid, the miserable, the chaotic. If the sounds of our stagnation are so sweet, then long may we fester together.

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Best of 2021 by:  The Present Moment 

playlist of favorite tracks from 2021:

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Best of 2021 by:  V▲LH▲LL 

Greetings from the Realm ov the Ghøst Møøse. 2021 was the year we returned with a new full length album, titled 'Neversleep'. A lot of work, pain and emotions went into 'Neversleep' but it is our best work to date and we are very happy with it. Unfortunately, since this horrible pandemic keeps pandemicing, we are still waiting for the chance to bring the new tracks to stages around the world. Hopefully 2022 will let us do live gigs again.
2021 bought a lot of other great albums too, so here is, again in no particular order, 10 of our favourite releases from the past year. One is actually from december 2020 but found it's way into our ears and heart in 2021 so it gets to go on this list anyway. - V▲LH▲LL

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Best of 2021 by:  Voodoo Crystals 


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Best of 2021 by:  Wiicca 

5 best artists of 2021 by wiicca

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Best of 2021 by:  World, Interrupted 

Our 10 favourite albums of 2021, in no particular order:

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Best of 2021 by: