a draft im seeing progress with for input & criticism

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a draft im seeing progress with for input & criticism


hey folks,
attached is the main loop i just made and my first attempt at arranging it. If anyone can provide me with input on what to add and how to improve the sound selection, mixing or arrangement let me know. I am hoping to take a lot of cues from SALEM and CR1MES, especially Salem's "mstrbt" & "indaceiling" and CR1MES "Holes", not so interested in using a more EDM-influenced production style with pronounced drops like Sidewalks & skeletons or whatnot.

One thing I'm aware is missing is a vocal and if one of the vocalists on here wanted to use this you'd make my whole year. Salem uses such a washed out style of singing sometimes and I really like it so I'm thinking about attempting my own vocal since it doesnt seem like the tonality / being in key is super important and its more of a rhythmic, atmospheric element. i dunno, just thoughts.

here is the loop i made to start with

here is my first arrangement

EDIT: I forgot adding reverb lmao!!! So I will definitely be adding reverb, but I still welcome any input regarding *how* to use the reverb.

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