(2011 Jan) SuperSuper! #23 GR†LLGR†LL interview

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(2011 Jan) SuperSuper! #23 GR†LLGR†LL interview

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Supersuper! Magazine (#23, 2011)

Front cover:
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Words: Jade French

A master of the now-notorious Witch House genre, GR†LLGR†LL mixes shit up with his trademark skittered backbeats and ethereal visuals. SUPERSUPER caught up with him to chat about genre traps, being signed to label champions Disaro and the biggest question of all – Lil Wayne or Ginuwine?

SS: Would you still be making music if the Internet didn’t exist?

GG: I would. My visuals and music are my way of creating something to cling onto, like some people find a god, fitness or whatever! But I would probably never have been heard; I would have been too shy to put it out anywhere.

SS: Do you count yourself as part of the ‘Witch House’ scene?

GG: I I’m part of some kind of DIY movement, with people mixing a lot of stuff together into something that makes sense to them. The phrase ‘Witch House’ itself doesn’t say much to me, but people kind of stayed with it.

SS: How do you want people to feel with your music/visuals?

GG: In my head the visual and the music are pretty much tied together – I love contrasts. I’m interested in creating climbs of emotions, rather than a story, as it makes it possible for people to make out their own ‘beliefs’.

SS: What drives you to make music?

GG: My visuals and music are the fields where I feel totally free and can express myself, without borders or self-restrictions… it feels good to escape to another place for as long as it lasts. That’s something.

SS: Being signed to Disaro is a pretty big deal. How did it happen?

GG: I met Robert (Disaro) randomly on MySpace because we shared the same taste in a lot of things, and he liked my music. Disaro appealed to me because it didn’t feel like anything had to be labelled - I was free to do what I wanted.

SS: You covered Lil’ Waynes ‘Lollipop'… do you think he’s better than Ginuwine???

GG: I love Lil’s Wayne’s flow and his way of being - it kind of depresses and excites me at the same time. Between those two I’d say Lil Wayne, but overall R. Kelly is the ONE.

SS: What is the best song to get a party going?

GG: Anything my two friends /BORNWRONG put on when they DJ. DARLINGS!


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