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Hot Non-profit WH Netlabels

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The netlabelism movement mostly focused on experimental and noise music. also had their non-profit side on the wh scene.
most of this small netlabels started just as blogs sharing music of unknown artists, and later they re-upload the compiled releases to websites like internet archive or bandcamp.

▲ 2011---active: escc9/later renamed as Lux Aura (US) [Started to make a profit label via Bandcamp]:

▲2011 – 2014: ЩIZΛЯD ӨF DΛЯKПΣƧƧ (Alaska):

▲2012---Active: 💀💀 (Japan):

▲2013-2015: Diabetic Koala (US):

▲2013-2018: TATUANA PRODUCCIONES (Guatemala):

▲2011---active: Monumental Netlabel (Russia): ... %22Wave%22 (partial catalogue with witch & similar genre releases) [in the case of this netlabel start to make profit since 2019 via bandcamp]

▲2014-2017: allegiance (US):

▲2017-2019: Witches & Weird Things (US): ----

▲2018---active: NƎCЯʘMΛNCIΛ (Brazil):

▲2018-2021: Witch Spectra (Chile):

▲*2012 – 2014: Fluorescent Records (US):
[mostly future garage, but also there's some WH releases]

▲*2013 – 2015 (US):
[multi-genre netlabel, but also there's some WH releases]
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