(2011 Mar 24) Disaro interview for i-D magazine

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(2011 Mar 24) Disaro interview for i-D magazine

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i-D Magazine #312 "The Exhibitionist Issue"
online announcement

Release date proof: https://twitter.com/i_D/status/50195744002555904
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The Exhibitionist Issue out 24/03/11 @LadyGaga
WARNING this video contains FLASHING IMAGES http://bit.ly/dMuXXj
Front cover (4 versions):
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Page 239:
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Echo, hiss

ISVOLT is the witch house/drag album compiled by Robert Disaro, of Disaro Records: catalyst of the slowed down, creeping distorted sound. "The label started in 2007, I wanted to put music out that wasn't being released otherwise," Robert, based in LA, where he DJs regularly, tells i-D. In 2008 Disaro stumbled across Salem and shed light on this world. Hooking up with Robot Elephant to released the compilation, which features Fostercare, Mater Suspiria Vision, White Ring and †‡†, the LP is the first multi-artist album of the genre. "The record is named after a sixteenth century vampire," Disaro explains. It's one to sink your teeth into.

Texy Andrew Butler

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