(2009 Oct 16) OMG blog posts about SALEM for the first time

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(2009 Oct 16) OMG blog posts about SALEM for the first time

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!! OMG, new Salem song + Gucci Mane remixes !!

Posted By Kevin On Friday, October 16, 2009


Halloween is just around the corner and to prepare we’re turning up the bass and listening to Salem‘s druggy, blissed-out noise pop. Who are Salem? They are two cute guys and one cute girl from the Midwest who have released two EPs, Yes, I Smoke Crack and Water, plus a few singles. Their most recent releases are the 7-inch single is “Frost” on Audraglint Records and a pair of Gucci Mane remixes.
You will be familiar with Salem if you are a regular reader of The Fader or other such music-meets-art-meets-street fashion websites whose writers breathlessly document and dissect their every fart. Could there be something in Salem’s menacing lo-fi music that turns bloggers into brainwashed human time bombs à la the 1977 Charles Bronson Soviet paranoia thriller Telefon? Is that why their lyrics are so hard to understand?
Listen to “Frost” and the aforementioned Gucci Mane remixes and decide for yourself. And stay tuned to omgblog.com for our interview with Salem member John Holland.

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: “Frost” by Salem

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: “Round 1 (Salem Remix)” by Gucci Mane

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: “Bird Flu (Salem Remix)” by Gucci Mane

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