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BATHAUS is one of my fav witch house producers ever. Her Inferno track remains one of the best things this genre ever birthted. It was remixed by CRIM3S, GLASS TEETH, Slow Head, Modern Howl and M‡яc▲ll▲, I believe it was meant to be officially released as a maxi-single but for some (sad) reason never happened. All remixes can be streamed here:

Only recently I found out she has a bandcamp, where you can DL her single "The Haunting". Celestial ambiance with emotive vocals stitched into the mix work wonders for me. Can't go wrong:
The Haunting, 1963. Exclusive for Spacecase BATHAUS & DEAD ART STAR online residency.

Also check out her mix for Noisey / Vice from 2012: ... noisey-mix


Mascara - "Shadow of Tonight" (Neuport / Chippy Nonstop Money Dance Twerp)
Shisa & Choongum - "Hearts"
Dark Mother - "Pathing"
BATHAUS - "Inferno Giallo"
K234y5h4wN - "bump1n (Nattymari Obliteration)"
Slow Head - "Revitalist"
Dadaisme - "Sit Down!"
▲NDRΛS - "Step Outside The Circle"
NickY Romance [Ft. DEAD ART STAR] - "Chasing Dragons"
C.Z. / M|O|D - "Throw Sum 1'z"
Hideous Men - "Dream Scene"
CRIM3S - "Breed" (MASCARA Remix)
MagZilla - "Ride2die (4evermane)"
M.O.O.N [Ft. GLASS TEETH] - "Warehouse"
BATHAUS - "Grey Chant"
Pyramids of Mu - "Al-Azhar"

If the download link doesn't work, lmk and I'll reup it.

Currently she records and performs under the Helixhand alias. She also formed a while ago band shrºud, exploring dark ambient realms, but I don't think they're active anymore.

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