Blvck Ceiling - Fashion Victim (2020)

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Blvck Ceiling - Fashion Victim (2020)

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1. I can no longer see the trees
2. Camera kiss
3. A sea of fabric
4. Stiletto vendetta
5. Fashion victim
6. 16 clouds
7. Invisible audience
8. Summer school


BC has been spamming albums left and right for the past few years, which is the reason why I stopped checking them out and buying his merch - both my ears and my wallet couldn't keep up :-P The music also lost its charm a bit, I feel like he found his comfortable place on the map and been doing the same thing since (correct me if I'm wrong tho, I know there was a dungeon synth LP in between somewhere).
But when doing the 2020 witch house catch-up, I decided to give some of his recent records a spin to see if stuff has changed. He's a great producer, but, to paraphrase the title of this particular album, became a victim to his own success. Take trap beats, add ominous atmospheres and loop vocals from some pop single, and we have a Blvck Ceiling song. Obv this is a big simplification of what he puts out, but still... Anyway, the "Fashion Victim" album. It's a solid hip-hop instrumental album, can totally imagine a horde of soundcloud rappers jumping on most of those beats. Delivers what I was expecting, has a few of catchy singles, but doesn't really make me want to hit replay.

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