H∐ϻ▲NҒØɃᏆ▲ - Esoterika (2018)

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H∐ϻ▲NҒØɃᏆ▲ - Esoterika (2018)

Post by yaka-anima »


1. DƩlirium & H△llucinations
2. Gato Negro ☽
3. Colapso Dimensional =[F▲n₸△sm▲s en el △†ico]=
4. Pestañas Filosas (Drag Version)
5. Música Fantasmal de Computadora (Minimal Version)
6. Phantasmal Doppelg▲nger
7. Ʃso₸erika
8. Høly Ritual
9. MΛgic Spells of Doom
10. Spheres in†o the Abyss
11. ƔI▲†∆†▲IƔ - Phantom of Subway (Humanfobia Remix)

a past Humanfobia work from 2018 in witch house, gravewave, lo-fi, noise, experimental genres.

listen-free download it from 3 alternative links:
- https://archive.org/details/esoterika-humanfobia-album
- https://humanfobia-official.bandcamp.co ... erika-2018
- https://hearthis.at/humanfobia/set/esoterika/

https://humanfobia-official.bandcamp.co ... erika-2018

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Re: H∐ϻ▲NҒØɃᏆ▲ - Esoterika (2018)

Post by zin »

Only today had a chance to sit down and check it out :skull: Overall, the second half of the album (compilation?) is stronger, and will probably make me come back to a handful of tracks. That being said, the opening composition is great - "DƩlirium & H△llucinations" is such a chill, minimalistic dubby beat, takes me back to early dubstep days. "Ʃso₸erika", my second fav track, reminds me a lot of MSV style, especially their early days, droney atmosphere filled with chopped sounds and lots of delay. "Høly Ritual" starts in a dope Lynchian way, but while the vocals here are nicely processed the beat lacks cohesiveness imho, for two minutes it's filled with plenty of ideas, like you couldn't decide what works best (I like the electric elements in it though). "MΛgic Spells of Doom" is just 2 minutes and 32 seconds of gloomy drippy darkness, love it, and to my enjoyment this feeling continues in the following "Spheres in†o the Abyss" with its space void vibe and dark ambience. The ƔI▲†∆†▲IƔ remix actually made me revisit his SLIT (LP), and helped me realise that even small changes to his track made your remix stand on its own. :tup:
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