My projects !!!

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My projects !!!

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Hello everyone, I'm new here and wanted to share with you my main project called 4ZBAR (4A.M or 4BLUNTS in english, it depends on you)
I mostly do noise, rap, phonk and experimental songs.

I've got like 3 other projects, the first one is ECHARDE (shoegaze/noise/hardcore), Coryza Épileptique (Dark Ambiant) and 17éme Bastos wich is a rap project we're working on with a friend.

I hope you will like it, if so tell me it would be really cool ! :)




Btw I hope I posted it in the good section and that it does not look like a spam lol

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Re: My projects !!!

Post by WraithVeil »

War Song gives me an industrial tinged early Burzum vibe. Nice nasty stuff man.

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