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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by iamthesunset »

I've been posting on the board a couple of weeks and it's just occurred that i haven't introduced myself yet.

My name's David, 28 years old from Coventry, UK. Witch House is the latest music i've heard to really capture my imagination and i'm yet to hear some of it that i dislike(!). I have been into EBM type stuff since i was a kid (Front Line Assembly, Delerium, etc) so it's nice to hear something a bit more current whilst still maintaining the dark mood and ambience.

Anyway, nice to have met a couple of you already and look forward to hooking up more. Peace.

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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by Sasha »

Sasha, given name Alexander, 17, Arizona, Pisces, blood type O-. Introduced to witch house by way of Seems to be a lot of criticism regarding its status as a genre, "oh lol its just dubstep without drops lol" bullshit, the whole nine yards.

Hobbies include linguistics, conlanging, general multimedia art and sculpture, crocheting, attempting to teach myself to knit, Dwarf Fortress, ARGs, antiquated technology, chemistry, astronomy, astrology, carpentry, hardware hacking, mad science, engineering, and writing long rambling posts on forums.

A sampling of favorite musicians: †‡†, Abney Park, Alamaailman Vasarat, Aphex Twin, Beats Antique, Clark, Corvus Corax, GuMMy†Be▲R!, Henry Homesweet, Lightning Bolt, MC Frontalot, pre-Float On Modest Mouse, µ-ziq, Nero's Day at Disneyland, Squarepusher, The Flashbulb, and Yat-Kha.

I'm rather interested in witch house as a genre. I find that it appeals to me far more strongly than many other genres.
Any questions?

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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by zenflesh »

Hey, my name is Destin, I've been making lo-fi, "dark", atmospheric/ambient/electronic music {my older recordings under the name Turk Knifes Pope are here for streaming/downloading; newer recordings as Autistatic are on bandcamp}. I've been lurking here for a week or so.

Somehow I completely missed the supposed witch house 'buzz' of 2010... I recently discovered the genre tag hauntology, which helped me work through some aesthetic & philosophic issues I was working on. The Hauntology Ultimate Box Set on linked to witch house genre, and I've since spent way too much time at bandcamp & soundcloud (via a buncha blogs, wikipedia, and this site) enjoying to no end virtually everything tagged witch house (or ghost drone, or doomgaze, or ...) including but not limited to Salem, Black Lodge Cave, Aimon, Balam Acab, Mater Suspiria Vision, Fostercare, Gr†llGr†ll, oOoOO, Gummybear, & ‡worship‡ [don't mean to snub anybody else... I've just discovered a ton of new music I like in very short period of time, so that was just off the top of my head.]

Just wanted to express my appreciation for everybody sharing their music in this scene, and to this site as a valuable resource - thanks!
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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by ▲ ▲ ▲ »

hey there, think i might introduce myself before I post in the other threads.

So hey, my name is Mads, and im from Denmark in scandinavia (think most of you know that, but it is such a small country so some dont know where it is excatly).
I really got into witchhouse some weeks ago, when one of my friends showed me the scene, started out as a joke, we are now making colabs and aside from that, Me and one of the other guys from it are now making stuff on our own.
We are also in the progress of making a label for promotion of danish witch house artists

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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by uglymiguel »

i'm miguel, 19, california. started listening to salem recently so far i only have the standards crack, water, king, all the mixtapes and some rare songs, still missing a lot. as for other witch house i'm looking for suggestions, i don't quite know where to go next from salem. i like producing songs nothing too serious just fun stuff, i'll upload some stuff soon and hoopefully get some feedback.

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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by Nova Sol »

most ov us post some quality work here, but to get started, i recommend oOoOO, †‡†, teacake, ~▲†▲~, and † de△d virgin †. that should give you a good †-section ov the more witch-hop end ov things.

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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by mmmmmmmm »

hi i'm josh from Denver i make music under the name Strange Powers. I've been a lurker since this site was made. Since my current label is Tundra and fellow artists post here, i figured i should drop the silly stigma i've had for so long about referencing myself in any way as WH and come out the skeleton closet. Even Nattymari for Mishka labeled what i do Witch House music so, i guess that's what i make. There, I said it. ▼

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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by Pe† Ceme†ery »


I realised I hadn't formally introduced myself. I'm Bunny, 24, a guy (in spite ov nayme) from Manchester UK.

I co-run a record label called Aural Sects and I make music as can be seen in my signature. I didn't realise how many UK peeps there are on this board. There is a thread in the events section about a UK Witch House night that I'm involved in. I urge EVERYONE to come and watch WIK▲N if they can.

Any UK artists interested in getting their music out there, hit me up - I'm starting to forge contacts at Witch House-friendly venues and generally just trying to sow the seeds of the UK scene.

I also now do a weekly podcast reporting on all things Aural Sects, but expanding later to include interviews, tracks from non-AS artists and pretty much becoming a proper Witch House podcast. Can be found here: ... ellcast-02

Cheers ;)

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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by EVIGT »

hi, i'm stéfanie and i've been reading a lot out here but never took the time to register.. i've been fascinated about witch house for quite a long time. the (dis)order of sounds versus beat and especially the part where witch house stays unexpected really speaks to me. i play bassguitar and that's about it!

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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by Skeletoni »

Skeletoni, born in 1984, from Espoo, Finland.

Erik Entropy
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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by Erik Entropy »

dont think i ever saw this before, but if I already posted here ignore this.

I'm Erik, im from Toronto, Canada. I make music been lsitening to WH for a year and a half but I have been doing similar music for a while. I'm also looking for other musicians in the area to collaborate with. work wise, i do a lot of mixing, music production and all that stuff as well.

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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by humanityisthedevil »

My name is Nick. I'm 25 and currently living in San Antonio, TX. I run a clothing line named Traitors and Martyrs and we're about to release our fall line. Most of our ideas come from old skateboarding graphics, early 80's hardcore-punk fliers, and taking long bus rides across town. Looking for someone to make a mixtape for us. If you're down let me know please let me know. I will take care of you.


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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by Neurotic »

Hi, my name is Dan, I've lurked here on and off and then just registered. I make electronic music under the name Neurotic Wreck and I've got a few other projects on the go but as Neurotic Wreck's mostly all me and a few non musicians it's quicker to get stuff done, less procrastinating and periods of dull jamming.

I enjoy most of the witch house stuff I've heard and love the whole aesthetic. From the second someone played me Salem's Redlights I was hooked. Anywhere you can find a group of often anonymous people sharing music with titles like "I want 2 luv u but u luv crack more thn me" is okay by me. I enjoy how it's more of a vibe with no pedantically prescribed "This instrumentation/ bpm / time signature otherwise it's not (insert genre)!" rubbish.

Music is a big part of my life, and without it I don't reckon I'd be able to function to be honest. I like quite a lot of stuff. Anything with Nick Cave, Rowland S Howard or Trent Reznor involved is going to go down well. Also, to name a few: Einsturzende Neubauten, The Cure, PJ Harvey, Tom Waits, Coil, Current 93, Depeche Mode, The Fall, Manic Street Preachers, Scott Walker, Neurosis, These New Puritan's Hidden and Akira Yamoaka's Silent Hill soundtracks. Favourite thing I've heard this year so far is Zomby's Dedication. Also got quite a thing for 60's girl group music, cheesy disco, EBM and field recordings.

I'm a hopeless music geek, in short. My favourite time of year is winter, when the snow and fog makes even the ugliness of the town I live in beautiful. Apart from that, it's unimportant, surely?

Thanks, this is a good community!
Mood music for moodswings.

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Hello its James!

Post by jamesstolen08 »

Hey guys,

I Just joined the forum. My name is James and this is my first post here. I am always looking to learn some things and ready share anything I know with those who are interested.

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Re: Hello its James!

Post by 2unlimited »

Hey everyone.

I decided to cut it short so,
From Finland. An adult of age. Huge music nerd - of varying styles. Also play sing and program music.

I maybe not the biggest WH fanatic of all times, but I like the stuff and feel a connection between WH and other stuff I like, so here I am.

Most likely you will find me to be a contributing member to the productive/musical/technical side of things here, ie. I can talk music tech shit all day long if need be. :D

ALSO will be looking into forming a witch house music/production group based around helsinki finland europe. through this place or some else. anyway, a pleasure to be among you all and I hope you will find me to be pleasant and cheerful company.

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