DJ Aubrey Beardsley - Психоночь (2010)

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DJ Aubrey Beardsley - Психоночь (2010)

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Twinsistermoon - Druids
Magical Unicellular Music - Kampuchea Take 6
Butterclock - Crush
GR†LLGR†LL - 2200 LuLLaby
GuMMy†Be▲R! - I’m Never Wrong
Salem - Femme Fetale
Daisuke Tobari - Till The End of The Dream Track 6
Twinsistermoon - To The Green Pastures (Of The Land Of The Dead)
///▲▲▲\\ - Beta Tape Warp
Salem - Sick
Magical Unicellular Music - Kampuchea Take 2
Twinsistermoon - The Hollow Mountain
Mox - Носороги
twYlY<ght>ZoNe - Heart of Glass (YlY GOTH DRAG EDIT)
Pariah Carry - Batman Pride (Free The Jinjo)
Autre Ne Veut - Bossy
Backwards, Falling, Sky - Guardian Or Avenger (Part I)
Metallic Falcons - Desert Cathedral
White Ring - Roses ... C-download

DJ Aubrey Beardsley was an alias of Kristel Jax from the Canadian duo Alpha Couple (they did a release with Phantasma Disques back in the day). "Психоночь" was her her witchy mixtape, and the selection here is really stellar. Not your average boring saw synth tracks, very psych friendly with some occasional surprises. Recommended.
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