V▲GINA WOLF - Iron Age Kisses (2010)

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V▲GINA WOLF - Iron Age Kisses (2010)

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1. (((())))
2. Meltdown
3. WaVes
4. Gravitys Victory
5. Crystal Clouds
6. Calm Down

Lo-fi rock, haunted noises and witchy soundscapes from this mystery artist/band. Once attributed to WU LYF (who used to use Vagina Wolf as their early project name), this has been since debunked by some blogs and NME:
Myth: The band were called ‘V▲GINA WOLF’ and put out these songs.
In reality: Not true – it’s two totally different band’s and V▲GINA WOLF have nothing to do with WU LYF (though they were once called Vagina Wolf). It’s safe to say WU LYF really hate those other songs. In fairness, they are pretty shit.
"Calm Down", if I recall correctly, is a rip off of another band, just slightly slowed down (if at all). Weird release, I still struggle to ID who was behind this and when it came out exactly (early April 2010, but trying to narrow down to a day)

The earliest link I found is this, marked with Uploaded: 2010-04-10 16:46:04:
http://www.mediafire.com/download/kvju4 ... kisses.rar
But it was a uploaded from some blogger, so I assume it came out earlier than that.

Me, like many other people online, discovered it at the time thanks to the Keyboards is Drunk blog:
http://keyboardsisdrunk.blogspot.com/20 ... isses.html (link is dead and blog got deleted many years ago)

Also the cover art above was taken from painter's Ed Ruscha's website, he did this in 1990: https://edruscha.com/works/iron-age-kisses/

The files were tagged with this image:

Which makes me think whether the artists chose that Ruscha image for their release, or some blogged added it a it later? I honestly cannot remember.
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Re: V▲GINA WOLF - Iron Age Kisses (2010)

Post by randomexit »

very strange that the artwork was from ed ruscha as i just came across his work today for the first time and then came here and read this...life is full of funny coincidences
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