DE▲th▲Co▲ST - Album (2011)

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DE▲th▲Co▲ST - Album (2011)

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1. My World Is Empty Without You
2. $O$
3. Death Coast Can Never Go Home Anymore
4. We Belong Together
5. If This World Was Mine
6. The Nightingale
7. Crying
8. Requiem For A Witch

Witch house mash-up project from Burial Hex, fact he tried to hide for years;) I was so hyped for this album when it got announced. Mainly thanks to the iconic "Hood Kult" track DC dropped, unfortunatelly it's not here. All the tracks are sample heavy, dragged pop and r&b bangers. Surprisingly my most fav track on the album is the closing drone/dark ambient "Requiem For A Witch". Overally the album is ok, one could wish for more original production. I doubt this would get a green light these days.
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