Videograve - Slum Electric (2011)

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Videograve - Slum Electric (2011)

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1. Harbinger
2. Yerfukkked
3. Voorhees
4. This is a Voice
5. Collateral Murder
6. Crash
7. Mating Season
8. No Dawn
9. Hammerkillers
10. Videoslave
All songs written, mixed, and recorded by Danny Riley & Mitch Patrick

I've been hunting for this debut album from Videograve for a while, it was released on tape by Living Tapes - and finally got it. Really amazing collage of witch house sound and darker synthwave, with some industrial and EBM influences scattered around. Fans of their fellow label-mates SURVIVE and Mellow Grave should definitely check this one out. Beautiful, cinematic intro, followed by my fav track from the duo "Yerfukkked", such a banger, super catchy melody backed with raspy, creepy vocals. The latter shine also on "Collateral Murder", which sounds like a proto-CRAVE track. Overall it's a fantastic album, and personally my fav in their discography.
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