EXOME - When The World Ends I Will Breathe a Sigh of Relief (2023)

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EXOME - When The World Ends I Will Breathe a Sigh of Relief (2023)

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1. Part I 29:34
2. Part II 30:17
Here Exome pulls your head deep in the sink with no way back. A hypnotic, yet clostrophobic and addictive hour of harsh textures that will sand your perceived Azimuth direction.
Lorenzo takes a modern approach to power-electronics with the little details in the stereo field which reveals a whole narration while time goes. Probably his most romantic work yet.

"They are slowly killing us, taking away our breath, our air, our love. They make us insensitive dummies in the presence of their god. They want to play with us, we are their entertainment, their useless pawns. The real cancer is power, but they don’t know that the awakening is near, from kings and queens they will pass to pawns, from pawns to discards and when they are out of the playing field they will start to shake, we will start to smell their sweat, feel and savor their fear, we’ll just have to add salt and oil to taste it more." - Exome

released March 9, 2023

Recorded and mixed by Lorenzo Arcari in 2022.
Mastering by Grant Richardson.
Design & art direction by John Katsav.

This is something else, rhytmic, droning noise from Italian producer Exome. Raw electronics that feel very melodic at their core.
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