Ritualz - Hypermotion X 2.0 (2023)

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Ritualz - Hypermotion X 2.0 (2023)

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1. Meditate
2. Limerence
3. Alien
4. Rhythmic Release
5. Limerence (Demo)
6. Alien (Demo)
7. Cave
8. Forest
9. New Age Punk

Compilation of two extraterrestial EPs from Ritualz: "Hypermotion X" and "Hypermotion Demos", now collectively named "Hypermotion X 2.0". The newly mastered material is a spaced-out take on the trance-leaning spectrum of JC's work. The original "Hypermotion X" was published in 2012 by Mishka NYC, while the demos were self-released by the artist one year later. The former EP consists of four post-trance witch transmissions destined for the clubbing after-party cooldown zone. Kicking off with the cinematic, eerie ambient intro (that got extended for this tape release), Ritualz channels darkwave influences intertwined with witchhouse elements and melodic vocals throught the next three tracks - each one unique in its own right. "Limerence" is a the slowest of them all, like a sad ballad with muted vocals, dope beats and synths. "Alien" ups the tempo with his signature witch-trance only to be countered by pulsing "Rhythmic Release". Side B includes two demo versions of "Limerence" and "Alien", backed with three dance-focused tracks that further explore the underground trance-phoria. Brillaint release and a great companion to Mascara's "Heru-Ra-Ha" from the same label.
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