How To Dress Well - What Remains (Remixes) (2023)

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How To Dress Well - What Remains (Remixes) (2023)

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1. Suicide Dream 1 (Claire Rousay presents 'Suicide Dreams')
2. Ready For The World (CFCF's Ready For The World Wooly Passage)
3. Suicide Dream 1 (★gLfX彁 presents 'Suicide Dream 99 (sumthins grand as life n simple as a prsn)')
4. Escape Before The Rain (trayer tryon's 'no escape before the rain')
5. Escape Before The Rain (Nick León's 'Escape Before the Rain (Flood Mix))
6. Ready For The World (Shlohmo's 'Ready For The World Remix')
7. Escape Before The Rain (North Americans presents 'Escape Before the Rain Unplugged in New York')
8. My Body (Carmen Villain's 'My Body Rework')
9. You Won’t Need Me Where I’m Going (★gLfX彁 presents Love Remains [but In A Roomful Of Electronics With Water Dripping From The Ceiling])

new tape from HTDW on Dagger Forest, limited to 50 copies:
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