V.A. - 💀​▼​✞​💀​▼ (2020)

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V.A. - 💀​▼​✞​💀​▼ (2020)

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Co-release between Cian Orbe [Witch Spectra] (Chile) netlabel & E K 4 T 3 (IT).


1. Insatiable Void - Forlorn Revenant
2. NVRS - deths
3. Dariusz Jackowski - Sadyba KaBasznikowa
4. ангел-Catalyst - Pharaoh
5. Filmy Ghost - Dead Vanity
6. Humanfobia - Hantu Raya
7. α Ori & RAUPPWAR - The Laboratory
8. Tone Tone - OSEF track
9. Posthuman Tantra - Homem Vegetal
10. Cosmic Disruption Orchestra - Song of the Voiceless (Humanfobia Remix)
11. Wataame Hazuki - Nengebishoujoou
12. Aura en el Espejo - Aún
13. ImpulseGame - Dreams in the Witch House (Humanfobia Remix)
14. Mu Tiny & Myrh - Roses with the Apples (Short Version)
15. Mysie - I Kiss The Grave
16. Confield - 144745

Stream / buy:
Free download:
This v/a compilation contains single tracks of some of the most important Cian Orbe/Witch Spectra artists & collaborators. Netlabels created by Sábila Orbe, from Rancagua, Chile.
With the support of Mist Spectra in cover artworks and contact with the artists.
Artwork manipulated by D#27 [EK4T3]
Been meaning to post this for ages. Collab compilation between Ekate and Witch Spectra from 2020. Solid selection of tracks from less known artists, exploring fringes of the witch house sound, but also drone, noise, dark ambient, bass, beats and a number of various experimental sub-genres. Humanfobia's remix of "Dreams in the Witch House" is my fav track here.
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