How To Dress Well - Love Remains (2010)

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How To Dress Well - Love Remains (2010)

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1. You Hold The Water
2. Ready For The World
3. My Body
4. Suicide Dream 2
5. You Won't Need Me Where I'm Goin'
6. Can't See My Own Face
7. Walking This Dumb (Live)
8. Date of Birth
9. Escape Before The Rain
10. Endless Rain
11. Lover's Start
12. Mr. By & By
13. Decisions feat. Yuksel Arslan
14. Suicide Dream 1
15. Kidnap City (vinyl only track)

One of my fav albums from 2010, still my fav project from HTDW, I love everything about its imperfections, lo-fi sounds, hazy beats, crooning vocals. 10/10 I can listen to it any time of the day and still be amazed.

Released in end of 2010 on vinyl via Lefse, and reissued in 2011 by Tri Angle Records.
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