Tash Willmore - Invocation Of The Neon Spirits (2011)

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Tash Willmore - Invocation Of The Neon Spirits (2011)

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1. Musik Af Eld (Music of Fire)
2. Your Magic Hands
3. These Eyes

Tash' debut EP for Aural Sects, a humble intro to his music that, as a stand-alone release, is quite ok, but nothing near his future INCREDIBLE album "Broken Bloodline". "Musik Af Eld (Music of Fire)" sounds like it's lifted from some chillout cosmic-buddha compilation, "Your Magic Hands" gets more gritty and more witch-friendly (with a vocal sample of Depeche Mode "Only When I Lose Myself"). The EP wraps up with "These Eyes" - the best track here - that serves as a prelude to whats coming after this release. It's a more fleshed out track, with a kick and [dark] soul. Knowing this EP is not a must, but a solid introduction to Tash's short but dope career.
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