Drugs For Drunks - Crying Honey EP (2011)

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Drugs For Drunks - Crying Honey EP (2011)

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1. Insomnia (02:15)
2. DZLGHT (03:54)
3. Crying Honey (0:24)
4. Deeeep (03:48)
5. Starr (03:48)
6. SaaaaD (03:55)
7. ∞ w/ PARTY TRASH (03:22)
8. Litvin (01:39)
All music recorded by Drugs For Drunks except track 4 (Sample of Dahlia Starr’s voice) and track 7 (beats by PARTY TRASH). Mastered by Sin Santo. Foto Maria José Sesma. Design José Leandro Cordóva Lucas. Production Petit Pistolette.

in collaboration with Petit Pistolette
Originally published here: https://web.archive.org/web/20111224014 ... ge_id=4045

Drag EP from Mexican producer D4D. Hauntingly dark, lo-fi witch house that draws a lot from early SALEM tracks.

Video single for "Deeeep"

Also, it came out on CDR, as a split release between AMDISCS and Petit Pistolette
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