Dropbox Club for Witch House?

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Dropbox Club for Witch House?

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Hi All

I know i'm sort of new round here so apologies if this has been suggested and shot down before. Some forums I use have little gangs of guys who use drop box to share stuff. It's good if a specific track or LP comes up in conversation and people want to hear it, it's also really good for sharing hard to find stuff, so like old tracks and stuff.

For those who don't know what Drop box is - it's an online file sharing program, if you were to send me a PM I'll happily send you an invite ( I'll be rewarded with extra space )..... and I could set up a few folders ( hip hop, metal, Witch House, pre-cursors, ambient, electronic etc ). If you dont want to be a part of every folder you can just opt out of one or all etc.

Basically all the current stuff on bandcamp would be pointless as you can just dload it from that site easily, and I'd hate to encourage the sharing of something like RITUALZ latest... go buy the stuff if you like it, however for older stuff like lost DJ Screw or out of print Coil it could be a fun thing to do??

Zin - opinion????
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