(2011 Dec 19) SuperSuper! Vol 2 #003 CRIM3S interview

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(2011 Dec 19) SuperSuper! Vol 2 #003 CRIM3S interview

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Supersuper! Magazine (Vol 2 #003, 2011)
Issue release date proof
Back up: https://charlottemcmanus.wordpress.com/ ... vol-2-003/

Front cover:
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Interview: Charlotte McManus


With an arresting mix of dark lo-fi and shouty-gurl vocals, Crim3s (aka Isaac/Sloww Death and Sadie Phelps) is one of the most exciting acts around on the London underground scene right now. SRSLY. Watch out for their upcoming EP Crim3s on Black Bvs Records later this month.

SS: Are you excited to be dropping your debut EP soon?

SD: It’s sort of the official beginning for our band.

SP: I made some mad, crazy, gangster jewelled hats for the cover…

SS: Crim3s has a really strong visual and aural aesthetic (distortion, lo-fi, cult imagery etc). When witch house was at its peak, you guys were kind of lumped in with that scene – would you still affiliate yourselves with it now?

SD: Witch house seems to be changing a lot – I haven’t really kept up with it all. I’m still thriving off those early tracks, but I don’t really know where our music fits. I don’t mind where people class us.

SS: What do you think about London as a site for underground music right now? Is it a good place to foster new sounds?

IA: London. It spits in my face daily… but I couldn’t leave, because everywhere else feels a little less alive. It feeds our music, and the rave scene is great.

SS: What is your ultimate guilty pleasure track?

SP: Ashanti – ‘Happy (ft Ja Rule)’…

SD: Rhianna – ‘What’s my Name’ – I used to drag this and listen for hours on repeat. I guess that’s not cool anymore!

SS: It seems like your lyrics come out of a quite intense place… tell us about the inspiration behind your track, ‘Salt’ (e.g. ‘Spread hate and smeared tears, inked on suntanned skin’).

SP: ‘Salt’ was written about bitter individuals – the bitches that spread hate and make you cry, but are just as fake as their suntanned skin.

SS: You modelled for [London-based designer] Roberto Piqueras recently – are you into fashion?

SD: I’m shit at posing – I think I ruined his shoot…

SP: I modelled properly for a while, but my ass got too big.

SS: How would you describe Crim3s’ own personal fashion style?

SD: Whatever is cleanest.

SP: I wear Isaac’s clothes. He smells, which means I smell.

SS: You’ve remixed names like You Love Her Cos She’s Dead, Charli XCX and White Ring – do you have any other collaborations in the works?

SD: After our EP release, Designer Drugs are putting out our single ‘Holes’ with some amazing remixes by some of the sickest bands out there right now! Stoked for that!

SP: I want a Skinnyman collab! He’s awesome – one of my faves.

SS: What are your predictions for underground music next year?

SD: The end of the world is coming, so I’m saved from answering that hard question… Music is all chaos right now – and I love it.


Interview: Charlotte McManus

CRIM3S also made a mix for the magazine posted here:


https://web.archive.org/web/20120131150 ... super-mix/
Back up: https://cultofnow-blog.tumblr.com/post/ ... rsuper-mix


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