(2010 Jul 7) Hooligan Magazine #94 Disaro Records interview

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(2010 Jul 7) Hooligan Magazine #94 Disaro Records interview

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Russian magazine Hooligan Magazine (#94, 2010)
Release date confirmation
Хулиган [июль 2010]
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Front cover:

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Disaro records interview - Finding god in a .gif

Words Dan Szor


Houston, Texas, a city in the grasp of a new musical phenomenon. A scene so new it is yet too be named, a sound so fresh it is difficult to label. Words such as ‘Drag’ and ‘Witch house’ echo across blogs, whilst newly rekindled myspace sites are adorned with occult imagery and pagan gifs.

This new sound, with one foot in the last century, and the other firmly in this most infant of decades bridges the mashed up expanse of the notorious noughties – the decade where so much happened, but in hindsight not that much changed. Retro became the present, indie went mainstream and hip hop and grime became obese after a decade of dieting on bling and chips. There was, and still is a void – but, if Disaro get their way things are about to change.

Disaro has become the dispenser and the pusher of a new kind of musical drug. Try it once and your hooked, try it twice and you’ll find yourself crawling through a labyrinthine of obscure jpegs, mutated beats, pitch shifted vocals and dark brooding synths.

Label founders Robert Disaro and graphic artist Owleyes, who describe themselves as “agents for the unseen forces that carry the charge of the spirits of the air” are in the process of creating one of the most sonically and visually creative record labels we’ve seen in a long time.

Their keen all seeing eye for talent saw them pick up on the likes of Salem and Aids-3D whilst others were still squeezing into their skinny jeans, quoting Keats and stumbling around in a ‘post-indie’ daze.

Soon releasing CDRs, vinyl and cassettes by the likes of oOoOO, White Ring and Mater Suspiria Vision amongst others, Disaro have the finger on the trigger of a scene ready to explode with the potential to ignite and unite the lost generation.

Q. What/Who is Disaro records?

A. Disaro is an elemental force that takes the shape of sounds and images, its feeds us and we feed it. Disaro takes ownership of Robert Disaro and Owleyes (also known as James Weigel).

Q. When did disaro records come into existence?

A. Disaro took form in 2007, Robert was living in Screwston Texas and Owleyes was in Chicago at the time.

Q. Where is Disaro based?

A. Disaro lives in the astral plane, however Owleyes is now based in LA and Robert is moving out soon.

Q. Can you name some of the acts you have previously released and some that you will be releasing in the near future?

A. We’ve previously released oOoOO, Passions, MSV, Diamond Black Hearted Boy, WHENFUNNYBIRDSDIVEINTOWATER, Modern Witch, Grill Grill, Void, The Present Moment. As for the future we have a few new surprise’s happening this summer. We also have new records from : White Ring , Beau Wanzer , Foster Care ,//TENSE//, King Dude , Aids-3d, Sink, Raw Moans , Water Boarders , D U N I A N , Crones , Lay Bac , Yusuf B , NIKE7UP, The Beauty ,Prgnancy Pact , How I Quit Crack , Party Trash – theres a lot big things happening at the moment.

Q. Why did you decide to start up your own record label/and had you had any previous experience with record labels or within the music industry?
A. Robert was working with another small label in Texas, but he soon started having his own vision, that did not fit the old label, so left and started his own. Robert & I started sharing bands we would find on myspace and other places and started contacting them. I would also make alchemical images for them inspired by their music.

Q. What is the main ethos behind the Disaro label?

A. We like what we like. It’s the soundtrack to the astral plane we inhabit.

Q. When creating the label did you set out with a clear business plan of where you want to take the label or did you just set it up and see where it goes?

A. We knew we wanted to keep it real in all aspects. We just wanted to get the sounds we like collected and share them. That's it.

Q. Where do you see Disaro in ten years time?

A. We will be current with whatever is the energy of the time. The astral realm is always growing, we will grow with it.

Q. What is the defining sound of Disaro records?

A. We are both from Texas, so we love the DJ Screw props that bands drop, although the screwed and chopped sound is already getting into mass culture, without the understanding of what DJ Screw was really going after. We also love dripping ghosts, programmed droids, and astral webs.

Q. It is a know fact that less people are buying music and the industry has changed so much in the last ten years, do you see this as a good or bad thing and who did this affect the way you approached setting up your label?

A. This is beside the point, we don't care what the industry is doing, we are doing this out of love and to keep the sounds and images we love alive in this gray as 1984 world.

Q. What/who has been your biggest success so far?

A. Creating the Disaro family is our greatest success.

Q. What is the main format you release on and why (CD, CDR, VIYNL)?

A. Cdr has been are main staple, but watch out for a change very soon!

Q. To me Disaro seems bigger than just a label – was there a conscious effort to create a brand and also a way of life?

A. This is who we are, this is our way of life, we are a family, the family is one.

Q. How do you go about promoting yourself?

A. It's not about the promoting it’s about believing. When you are and believe in something, everything falls into place.

Q. Have you found it hard in the current economical climate to set up a record label? Do you think people less willing to part with their money and if so how have you tackled this issue?

A. Here again, its all been out of love, not money, so no, does an alcoholic have problems buying beer? Not really, they find a way, so that's what we do, we a find a way.

Q. There seems to be a major focus on imagery, with the music and the artwork taking on equal importance – can you explain this? It is all one thing.

A. You can not separate the two, especially with Witchouse. It’s a powerful spell, sound and music combined create a vortex into the astral realm. A pure form of communication.

Astrally yourz
Owleyes & Robert Disaro

The interview was reposted by the author on his blog:
https://web.archive.org/web/20121025181 ... -magazine/

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