(2010 Jun 17) Serotonin Sounds publishes Ritualz interview

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(2010 Jun 17) Serotonin Sounds publishes Ritualz interview

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Thursday, June 17, 2010
[interview] †‡†

http://img138.imageshack.us/img138/3962 ... itchho.jpg

I had a chance to interview †‡†, one of my favourite witch house artists. Lately I've been investigating a bit this emerging genre, possibly one of the best newborn musical paradigm.

Read the interview right below:

Serotonin Sounds: What are your influences?
†‡†:New Wave, Dance, Acid House, Goth Rock, Hip-Hop, Noise, Black Metal.

SS: How did you come up with your name?
†‡†:It doesn't really mean anything specific, it means something for me, could mean something different for everyone.

SS: How do you produce your music? [If so], what synths do you use?
†‡†:I do most of the work on a computer using a lot of software and use some other things like mics and effect pedals occasionally.

SS: What do you think of this new term "witch house" and the whole scene?
†‡†:I like the term, when I started listening to SALEM people were calling it "gothic chillwave" so this is much better. I don't think the current scene is what Pictureplane had in mind when he came up with the term "witch house" though, things have changed a lot since the movement started.
I like most of the bands that became associated with witch house when it started but I'm not a fan of most new acts. Some are still good though, like XIX. Most people think this is just a trend that will die before the year ends but I really doubt that's going to happen, 2010 is just the beginning.
Finally, growing up as a fan of 2nd wave Black Metal and Goth music I really love the aesthetic and occult imagery (which I think is what, along with being on Disaro, made me be associated with the movement in the first place).
I think witch house has a lot to offer.

SS: What are your favourite artists on Disaro?
†‡†:White Ring, Passions, oOoOO and Modern Witch. not sure if TEARIST is/was on Disaro but I love them too.

SS: If you could choose a label, what would it be?
†‡†:Oh man I don't know. Have never really thought about it.

SS: Do you do any live shows? If so, when and where are your upcoming shows?
†‡†:Yes, I can't say much about it right now but you'll know in a couple of months through myspace.

SS: Are you into industrial music? This whole occultism surround the genre seems to drawback from the "second-wave of industrial" like some C93, NWW and other artists.
†‡†:I love industrial music, definitely a strong influence in my music.

SS: Are you going to release an EP and/or album soon [or at least pretend to]?
†‡†:I have a CDR coming out on Disaro later this summer.

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