(2010 Feb 9) Disco Naïveté blogs about oOoOO

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(2010 Feb 9) Disco Naïveté blogs about oOoOO

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http://disconaivete.blogspot.com/2010/02/ooooo.html (link inactive)

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oOoOO makes hauntingly beautiful darkwave shoegaze. Sounds a bit like SALEM, yet brighter. Still very very dark though. oOoOO describes their own sound as "the Nightmare of Darkness swallowing up rare spirits", isn't that interesting? oOoOO brought out a CDR on Disaro early 2010 and will soon bring out a split 7" with White Ring. More releases are coming up, but in the meantime these songs should keep you occupied. hearts blew me away the second I heard it and so did NoSummr4u. His other songs are great too but I'll treat you guys on those later! oOoOO has my love.

oOoOO - hearts
oOoOO - NoSummr4u
bonus: Lady GaGa - Poker Face (oOoOO remix)
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