Moemlien / Vakantie - Biltongs / Vakantie (2011)

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Moemlien / Vakantie - Biltongs / Vakantie (2011)

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1. Moemlien - Biltongs
2. Vakantie - Kruin
3. Vakantie - Armsteen
4. Vakantie - Gymp
5. Vakantie - In Een Hoekje Van Het Bos
6. Vakantie - Erna

Final split tape from the Dutch label Haunted Cassette Tapes, label's boss said to me that it's his fav release from the whole lot (and least WH). Moemlien's "Biltongs" is like a lost ambient broadcast, originally recorded on warped tapes and then mixed and put together for this release. Tape loops, improv, field recordings, all here. Vakantie is more spaced out synth ride, abstract beats and weird samples. For fans of blogspot era tape culture, a must.
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