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Modern Witch - Comfort Noise (2008)

Posted: October 2nd, 2022, 2:22 pm
by zin
Ok, so this release is an enigma for me.

Mario uploaded it to bandcamp here:

Despite the release date shows November 1, 2008, it was uploaded on 29 Nov 2010.


1. Chances Are
2. The One
3. Crimewave
4. 1992
5. Bones
6. Cursed
7. Dinner
8. Driver

HOWEVER, back in November 2008, this photo was posted on both Mario's and Kristy's Flickrs, with a time-stamp Uploaded on November 16, 2008

Mario Zoots wrote:new MW C20 Cofort Noise
Kristy Foom wrote:Download Comfort Noise. Roll over the mp3s and click the drop down menu.

The download got deleted a long time ago.

The bandcamp version of the "CN" album is 30 min long, so that would be C30 if one had to dub it on tape. I did however find another version of the Comfort Noise release ages ago on Soulseek, with completely different tracklist which, is indeed 20min long. Which MAY be the version Kristy shared on her blog?

The tracklist for that release goes:
1. Combinational Vampire
2. Hollywood Babylon
3. Hours Of Ghost
4. Modern Witch
5. Sturtevant's Nightmare
6. Temple
7. Young + Natural

Track 1 "Combinational Vampire" is almost identical to "Driver" from bandcamp. The rest of the tracks seems to be completely different. "Hollywood Babylon" was later on also released on "Unknown Domain". The non-bandcamp release has the same DIY/noise improv/haunted rock feel to it as the bandcamp version. I tried contacting Mario/Kristy/Kamran for some feedback, but they're not really a chatty bunch.

PS. The original collage used for the cover art was made by Kristy, and posted on her Flickr:

And was also used for the back cover of the Whore Eyes 2 zine ... otostream/