S P H 3 R 3 S - Atlantis (2018)

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S P H 3 R 3 S - Atlantis (2018)

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1. Atlantis
2. Atlantis ([lyn] Remix)
3. Atlantis (Morgve Remix)
4. Atlantis (Triple Blvk Darkness Remix)
5. Atlantis (Phantom Signal Remix)


Maxi single from SPH3R3S (Emily Acid and Amethyst Sol aka Mike from OKKVLT KATT). Stumbled across their bandcamp today, and decided to start a thread, why not. Short lived project, it ended when their relationship went south as far as I know. Anyway, onto the single - the original mix is great, Mike's production was morphing at the time, and started being more fleshed out, the inspirations here come from trip hop, art-pop a'la Bjork and witch house, "Atlantis" comes across as quite minimal, but there's quite a lot going on in the background. I'm not a fan of Emily's vocals, I feel like she occasionally sounds off. That being said, thanks to the production her weaker points are well camouflaged and overall the track is pleasant to listen to. [lyn]'s remix strips the original from heavier drums and adds church bells that give the track a grandeur, I really like it. Morgve's edits are quite amazing, I love how they transformed the vocals to sound more futuristic in a way, their track feels very cyber-witch. TBD comes through with a slow and brooding witchhouse remix, while Phantom Signal delivers a surprisingly amazing dubby flip - that takes me back to minimal dubstep days, really amazing stuff.
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